Wednesday, March 10, 2010

System Activity - Detailed Process View Part 3

I've now added basic X11 memory information to System Activity's Detailed Memory Information. It's a bit crude at the moment and simply states the total pixmap memory usage.


Andy said...

I absolutely love this level of detail. Can I offer a suggestion? (Take it or leave it obviously). What about doing the memory summary in the same style as accounts do? (monospaced font would make this easier to see in the comment, but the important thing would be that the figures are in a column)

Private memory:.....29.3MB
Shared memory:......28.1MB
Total process:..............63.9MB
-Shared memory:....(28.1MB)
+Proportion shared:..4.4MB
Process proportion:.........40.2MB

The summations get moved to a separate column, making the key numbers stand out, but their detail still clear. The descriptions would need to be better (I'm cramming for the comment box).

Bah. blogger won't let me use PRE to format the above. It's meant to be three columns. Description, detail, summations. I've used "." to try to give the idea, cut and paste to monospaced to see it.

Enrico said...

Great! I hope this is already in System Activity or it is going to get in really soon.

This is the kind of information that makes a system look professional.

Thanks for decoding TONS of crappy kernel output for us lazy users ;-)

(push it, push it!)

JohnFlux said...

Andy, actually it has something similar to that already :)

There's an image:

JohnFlux said...

Enrico, it will be in KDE SC 4.4

B. said...

Oh, brilliant! This is much better than what I was thinking of when we discussed this on Slashdot. Thanks for this, John. :)